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Crossover Artists into the Jazz American Songbook

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  • Crossover Artists into the Jazz American Songbook

    There seems to be a new trend. What's up with Classic Rock artists getting older and moving into jazz standards, doing albums and songs from the Great American Songbook. Two that immediately come to mind are Rod Stewart (don't like by the way) and Eric Clapton. Willie Nelson (though not classic rock) has also done some albums like this. I typically don't like their renditions, but some are pretty good. Not sure why when they get older, they tend to move into this genre. Easier for vocal? Trying to salvage their career in some cases? Who knows. I have really enjoyed some of Sting's jazzy selections. My favorite of his is on the Leaving Las Vegas Soundtrack: "My One and Only Love." Any one else have any favorite crossover artists or specific songs by them?

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    Willie Nelsons "Stardust" album.
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      Harry Nilsson started that whole thing way back with his A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night in 1973. Wonderful album from a wonderful but troubled singer.
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        And then we have another going to the Standards ranks as they get older: Bob Dylan releasing a Sinatra standards album.
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