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  • Do you BINGE listen?

    Meaning: To focus in on an artist and listen to the recordings you have by him/her/them in succession?

    I do. I actually quite like it. My last session was with PF as they announced some new reissues, so I wanted to familiarize myself again with their work. Most times though I do it purely for pleasure based on a certain mood I have or style of music I want to hear. Binge listening is not my primary method of listening by a long shot, but I do think it's a nice variable.
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    I often listen for hours on end, but not of the same artists.
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      The one band I binge listen to is the Beatles. Its a sure thing if I grab one of their records I'll listen to 3-4 or more.
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        Like the Zep-a-thon? I've done it before, so has Jack Black:


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          Generally not for an artist, but more a certain genre. Classical for a while, then world for a while, then say rock/pop (current binge). Having said that, I do plan on playing Jacintha the rest of the night...
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            No never , never done that crazy to stay up to 3am because the power is cleaner and go to work 6;30 no never done that


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              Usually don't but an exception is made if I come home with a bunch of discs from the same artist/genre. Otherwise it's mostly random play or requests.
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