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Jazdoc's Favorite 2021 Jazz

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  • Jazdoc's Favorite 2021 Jazz

    JD Allen "Queen City"*
    Broken Shadows
    Emmet Cohen "Future Stride"*
    The Cookers "Look Out!"*
    Whit Dickey "Village Mothership"*
    Joel Frahm "The Bright Side"
    Kenny Garrett "Sounds From the Ancestors"*
    Vijay Iyer "Uneasy"*
    Samara Joy*
    Jihye Lee Orchestra "Daring Mind"
    James Brandon Lewis "Jesup Wagon"*
    Charles Lloyd & the Marvels "Tone Poem"*
    Francisco Mela "Music Frees Our Souls"*
    William Parker "Painter's Winter"*
    Qow Trio*
    Gretchen Parlato "Flor"*
    Anais Reno "Lovesome Thing"
    Veronica Swift "This Bitter Earth"*

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    Great list. I did manage to pick up a Vijay Iyer album (not "Uneasy") and "Tone Poem" in 2021. I actually purchased quite a few new jazz albums, but no others from your list. It's just amazing how many jazz albums are out there! I'll check out your list via Qobuz, thanks for posting!


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      Thank Mark! Great list.

      My music teacher studied with Iyer when he did his masters at NYU.

      Are these available on LP?
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        All from digital masters, though