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    How much of what you purchase are new vs. reissued recordings? And of the reissued music (LP, CD, SACD, digital files, tape), how much is actually new, new vs. another copy of a title you already own?
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    Off the top of my head I'd say about 50/50. I must admit though that in the last year my vinyl purchases have been scaled back by about 90%.
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      When I buy, which isn't often, its usually a reissue of something I don't already have. I don't buy new music.
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        100% old records. No reissues in the last year. Wait a minute.........I bought the Patricia Barber Cafe Blue Unmasted on SACD.
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          For about the last year at least 90% of my purchases have been coming out of the used record bins. The biggest scores so far have been a very clean Reiner/CSO Sheherazade and a near mint Belafonte at Carnegie. I ain't proud and generally a lot of the other stuff I'm looking for isn't being reissued on LP and has never been on CD. It also fits nicely in my budget. My tastes fall in a range that most folks locally aren't interested in so I do pretty well scavenging.

          I have purchased reissues on LP and some new CDs to round out the collection, but generally reissues are something I already have or am not interested in.
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            I buy mostly new releases and always on vinyl if available. I love my local indie store and I walk in with a list and then they tell me what else is good. Then there's tape...


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              Overwhelming older records, though in many cases, the music is "new" to me- for example, some of the "prior art" in defense of Zeppelin at trial included the work of Davey Graham. I had never heard of him, so I started buying his records, which are from the early '60s and later.
              I will buy multiple copies of the "same" record, largely out of curiosity regarding the difference in pressings. Occasionally, that means a relatively new reissue. Often, it means a slew of different older records rather than the latest re-do.
              I've been having fun with the $20 and under category, used. Every once in a while, I'm tempted by an uber record, and sometimes, it's unavoidable- you have to pay the price for certain records (Yeah, I know people who say, oh I got X for 3 cents, and I have a few of those stories of my own, bur realistically, that doesn't happen that often, at least not for me). If I want a record, I'll usually buy it, rather than keep it on a "wish" list in the hope I find it in good condition in a bin for cheap (most dealers know what record values are).
              Iif I hear something I like, I'll try and track it down and buy it. Sometimes, it turns out that the album isn't as good as the one song I heard, or is recorded horribly, and it goes into a pile that will eventually go back out the door. But, if the question is, am I adventurous in my music buying habits, I'd say now, more than ever. Lot's of folk, "world" music, left field stuff, obscure prog, early metal. For jazz, I have a good sampling of much of the great stuff (never collected vintage Blue Note and don't plan on starting now) and I'm pretty good on classical (I bought most of the warhorses years ago and have bought very few reissues).


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                This year I've purchased 46 reissue LPs, (most all new to me) around 10 new LPs, and over 100 used records, some doubles, but not over 1/3 of them. I go through the doubles keep the best and feed my nieces vinyl habit with a monthly care package.
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                  Originally posted by Asamel View Post
                  I buy mostly new releases and always on vinyl if available. I love my local indie store and I walk in with a list and then they tell me what else is good. Then there's tape...
                  I am of similar vein. Nearly everything is vinyl, new release. Rarely do I buy re-releases, unless it's a copy I do not have. Typically, jazz or classical. The tremendous output, of what I deem enjoyable music, is ample to provide an average of a dozen lps/ the consternation of both my wife and shelving.
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                    90% new releases. 10% reissues.

                    Luckily I kept buying vinyl during the CD years, so I don't need to waste too much money on crappy sounding reissues.