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Missing hits from compilation albums.

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  • Missing hits from compilation albums.

    I picked up Sting - The Best of 25 Years despite it not having my fave song (Russians) on this compilation 2LP set. It kinda bums me out, but there's enough material on it for me to enjoy the records. There are many reasons for certain songs to not be included on compilations, and usually only specifically known by the artist and label, but as a consumer it's a bit of an irritant. The other thing is that this includes both studio cuts and live material, which I've always found a bit odd and would prefer not to happen. But it is what it is.

    Are there compilations you own that are missing some fave tunes?
    Should compilations include both studio cuts and live material or produced as individual compilations?
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    I prefer best of albums to include only studio material.
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