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    I often wondered about some of these covers myself.
    Amazing how times change. What was considered absolutely unacceptable years ago is now the norm. I wonder what people will find completely acceptable years from
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    theres some good ones at


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      LOL! I was trying to figure out what was raunchy by looking at the picture on the album cover. Should've looked at the title sooner! :-)

      I'm surprised that Virgin Killer album (I think that's what it's called) where one of the principals had his own 12/16 year old daughter pose nude on the cover wasn't on the Noise Addicts list. That's pretty out there IMO. Somewhere else I was reading a thread where someone was proudly display album covers of music from the Third Reich. Think swastikas and all. He loved the historical significance of the albums but was mildly shamed on the forum for his insensitivity for displaying and sharing them.

      U2's Achtung Baby deserves a mention, with Adam Clayton's full frontal nudity shot.

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        Wel Myles they run from why did the record company ever think that would not be banned to your kidding that got banned I have 15 of the ones shown not sure what to think of that. I was not hunting for them. I did not know most of the banned ones were banned.


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          There are so many...

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          • 1morerecord2clean
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            I am sure you are aware the cover shown here is not the original which was truly X-rated and changed to this cover after a short time.

          • mkuller
            mkuller commented
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            Yes, you can Google it and see the original with all its detail.

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          still not as overt as Warrant's song "Sweet Cheery Pie," but its along the same lines no doubt. LP covers with strong sexual innuendo (tension?) are for the ages, what rebellious youth didn't gravitate to it?


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