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Mono vs. Stereo Reissues

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  • Mono vs. Stereo Reissues

    I have been doing recent research on some albums that have been reissued on quality labels, such as Analogue Productions, Speakers Corner, and others. I have been wondering why the reissued labels seem to favor Stereo reissues, even when the original recording was only released in Mono and then electronically reprocessed with overdubs to Stereo? If quality reissue labels are after the best analog sound, why not reissue albums in Mono? Or at last do a Mono version with the Stereo. For example, Analogue Productions recently released a 2LP 45 RPM Otis Redding "Otis Blue" that originally came out in 1965 on Volt Records and was recorded in Mono and originally came out in Mono. But the reissue is in Stereo. This often happens with jazz reissues as well. Stereo is often favored over Mono. Ella Fitzgerald and other similar artists are also often released in Stereo when the original Mono is far superior. I hope this changes with the resurgence of mono, mono cartridges, etc, but it really hasn't been mainstream or well received. What's up with that? Why is stereo preferred even when the original mono master tapes are the superior of the two?

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    there were lots of recent reissues by Classic and AP especially, that did a mono and stereo version concurrent with each other. The mono vs stereo reissue dilemma is another hotly debated topic with many collectors, Just ask MEP about which Beatles box to get I like monos and recently acquired the Beach Boys redos all in mono, Id take it over any 'simulated' stereo version every time.


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      I have 4 of the Beach Boys reissues, all Mono too. Love them! Can't wait to listen to them with a Mono cartridge. Me too, reprocessed simulated stereo is the worst, even with a quality remastering. If the top quality reissues are after superior sound, not sure why mono is avoided most of the time. Sam Cooke is another, that was only reissued in Stereo by Analogue Reproductions. Mono was far superior and more highly sought out than the stereo originals.

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    When the original recording was only in mono or reprocessed for stereo, than the mono is the way to go. But sometimes the original was available in both mono and true stereo and the mono is still preferred, in those cases, the reissue should be offered both in mono and stereo.
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