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Josh White: Josh at Midnight

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  • Josh White: Josh at Midnight

    I didn't know much about Josh White, who was playing a distinctive style of blues guitar as early as the '20s and later became a seminal figure in the popularity of the "Piedmont Blues," a mix of fingerpicking and old time string sounds and jazz. White, a celebrity in the years before and after WWII, was also a film star and prominent civil rights activist; his career in the States was hamstrung by being "blacklisted" during the Red Scare. Jac Holzman (Elektra) had the courage to record him during this period and Josh delivered a stunning album-- Josh At Midnight- which is the subject of this piece. Long out of print, the record has recently been redone. Here's the article:

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    Great review, Bill! I went to purchase the LP and saw that it wasn't released yet... but will get it once it is.
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