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New Audiophile Record Label: Analog Spark

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  • New Audiophile Record Label: Analog Spark

    Here is a new audiophile record label, doing some reissues. Looks to be high quality, though the proof will be in the listening. A preorder from Analog Spark is Sam Cooke's Mr. Soul done by Kevin Gray from original master tapes and pressed at RTI. Looks promising. Never heard of Analog Spark:

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    Fremer weighed in a year ago...


    • Analog21
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      Where have I been? Living in a hole I guess Any word on how their pressings are for sonics?

    • Rob
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      This is AUDIONIRVANNA it ain't no hole, that's a different site this label slipped my mind until you brought it up. I'm curious too about their pressings. it's just that I've slowed down buying reboots, I have yet to place an order with them.

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    Yes, they've also released The Sound of Music on Stereo SACD with Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell coming soon to Stereo SACD.
    A reissue label to watch.


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      Seems like an awful lot of Columbia releases.
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        I saw Mikey's piece but just kinda dropped it because Analog Spark was doing a bunch of monos and show tunes. Just not my cup of tea.

        Maybe though I will pick up a copy of the Raspberries. I am curious with the Columbia love -- other than for performance -- because it is because of the sound. That said, there's a zillion used copies out there of the Gould and Rhapsody in Blue. Sorry but there's nothing they can do to help those Columbia strings.
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          Originally posted by bmoura
          Yes, they've also released The Sound of Music on Stereo SACD with Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell coming soon to Stereo SACD.
          A reissue label to watch.

          Is there any such thing as a good sounding copy of Bat out of Hell?
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          • JCOConnell
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            I once had both the CBS mastersound Lp and gold CD of BAT OUT OF HELL. the Lp blew the CD out of the water, so you may want to check out the CBS Mastersound Lp.

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          Not that I'm aware.
          I am listening to Ella Fitzgerald sings Cole Porter released on Analog Spark which I purchased today . Very natural sound , not too bright , perhaps a tiny bit restrained but nice .
          Side 1 sounded a bit dusty ( I think I'll give a clean on my Nitty Gritty ) . Side 2 is dead quiet . So far I can recommend this reissue - if there are any issues as I keep listening I will add a further post