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Symcon claims injection-molded vinyl sounds better!

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  • Symcon claims injection-molded vinyl sounds better!

    However, it's more expensive and not as durable.

    Dutch company Symcon claims it can produce vinyl faster and with better sound quality, thanks to the process of injection moulding.
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    I don't know if I would be willing to trade off durability for sound quality at any price.
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    • tom_hankins
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      More money and less durable, is a no-go combo for me

    • JCOConnell
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      a non durable disc is like a high quality rental

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    That durability thing concerns me as well.


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      While pressing records is significantly faster - an average of 25 seconds compared with up to 40 seconds under the current process - Symcon still needs to reduce this to around 14 seconds to make injection moulding a viable alternative.

      I can live with the current pressings method taking 40 seconds.


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        Injection molding sounds like an interesting alternative process to pressing. But the big issue in my opinion is not the durability, but going from vinyl to a plastic mixture. That change in material has to sound different. Injection molding may be more precise, but the plastic mixture could sound bad. FYI, the plastic used in CD manufacture is polycarbonite.

        Sounds like an attempt of CD replication machines trying to enter a new market, since their CD replication business is probably dying.
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