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I would love to have this kind of space

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  • I would love to have this kind of space

    Warning: Contains thousands of records. A rare visit to free jazz heavyweight Mats Gustafsson's extraordinary two-and-a-half tonne vinyl cave.
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    Me too!
    beautiful space and mix of spine shelves and forward flip bins.


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      Very nice space. I just don't care for at all spline shelving. Can't see what I'm looking for.

      Stay tuned, I am building some cool record storage that is very different and flip- through I hope to have it done in a few weeks & I will share it.

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      • siddh
        siddh commented
        Editing a comment
        My wish is that I had the space to house all my lps. I am relegated to dozens of lps stacked on the floor up against a few lp racks. I also have hundreds in containers in another section of the basement. Adding additional shelving will reduce the width and depth of my listening room. If, I continue with my lp buying binge (3-5 lps per week), I will be left with enough space to set up a headphone system. What a problem to have😂😂😉

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      That is a great space. Never thought about flip bins.
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