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Non-Fill: A Defect That Can Affect LPs

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  • Non-Fill: A Defect That Can Affect LPs

    I assume this is what happened with the recent Bluesy Burrell reissue. Also have heard it on occasion with older albums.

    Non-fill apparently also happened in the '70s when the price of oil shot through the roof and labels skimped on the amount of vinyl in the press.
    "Non-fill" refers to a pressing defect that occurs when the molten vinyl does not flow fully to produce a well-formed groove. It occurs most often on a 180g record's outer edge and is caused by the vinyl's beginning to harden prematurely. The sound produced is noise—a "shsssshing" sound that we've all heard too often. This was the problem that plagued Classic's early 200g Quiex SV-P "flat profile" pressings. Eventually the problem was solved. You can see "non-fill" as a "pearl necklace" like effect if you hold in just the right light a record so afflicted.
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