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Record Store Day 4/22/17

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  • Record Store Day 4/22/17

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ID:	48154 I have attached the 2017_RSD_PUBLIC.pdf list for titles being released. What are you going to get ?
    I'm still deciding and will list my picks later. Grateful Dead is releasing a double LP of a 1966 show in Canada.... 7/29/66 limited to 6600 copies
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    My selections from the list so far:

    Big Star Complete Third: Vol 3: Final Masters Omnivore Recordings2 x LP 2500
    David Bowie Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles '74) Parlophone/Rhino 3 x LP 5000
    The Cars Live at the Agora, 1978 Elektra Catalog Group2 x LP 4000
    The Cure Greatest Hits Elektra Catalog Group2 x LP
    The Cure Greatest Hits Acoustic Elektra Catalog Group2 x LP
    Deee-Lite Groove Is In The Heart/What Is Love? Elektra Catalog Group1 2" 3000
    The Doors Live at the Matrix '67 Elektra Catalog GroupLP 4500
    Bill Evans Another Time: The Hilversum Concert Resonance Records LP 2000
    Fleetwood Mac Alternate Mirage Rhino/Warner Bros. LP 3500
    Dexter Gordon Walk The Blues ORG Music 12" 1750
    Grateful Dead P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, BC 2LP
    Jimi Hendrix (Curtis Knight)live at George's Club 20, 1965 & 1966 Sony Legacy 2 LP
    Robert Johnson The Complete Recordings: 3 x LP 2500
    Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive Sony Legacy 12" 4000
    Neil Young Decade Reprise 3 x LP 500
    The Meters A Message from The Meters--3LP 500
    Dave Matthews Band Live at Red Rocks Sony Legacy 4 x LP 2500
    Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at Carnegie Hall Sony Legacy 2 x LP 3000

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      Wow! That's some list! I hope you can get them all or at least the majority anyway. There's a few I'd like, but the SRV - Live at Carnegie Hall is the one I really want.
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        Originally posted by Johnny Vinyl View Post
        Wow! That's some list! I hope you can get them all or at least the majority anyway. There's a few I'd like, but the SRV - Live at Carnegie Hall is the one I really want.
        I get them on ebay Johnny. My local record shop blows !
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          I wonder how many of these are sourced from digital.
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            Likely most of them, but then...digitally produced vinyl has come a long way.

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          Nice List. Was not expecting Deee-Lite on your list. Dig!
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            Originally posted by RoadDawgWest View Post
            Nice List. Was not expecting Deee-Lite on your list. Dig!
            something about this video...I remember it well on
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              Remember it well.

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            Oh well will be in Chicago at Axpona.
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