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  • The power pop thread

    I don't know how many posts this thread will ultimately get, but I'm a huge fan of the power-pop/guitar-pop genre (my favorite band is Badfinger) and wanted to see how many people like it too. So, if you find yourself spinning something that you think qualifies as power pop, post it here. I'm always on the lookout for new additions to my PP library!
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    I always enjoy a good Badfinger song...Day after Day, Baby Blue. Another band I like is the Rapberries.


    • Quint
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      The Raspberries were great too! They briefly reunited a few years ago for some shows in Cleveland and L.A., I think. I have a live album from one of those shows, and they sound REALLY good.

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    • Quint
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      Thanks for the link, Johnny . Very informative!

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    Holy cow I read the list most all I don't know. But I'll bet if I play them on tidal ill
    knkw some.
    analog stuff.
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      With the sole exception of the Who, I don't own any of it. I have to wonder at the Whos inclusion as power pop, as conceptually they went way past "pop".


      • Quint
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        I can understand EARLY Who (and early Kinks and Beatles) as an antecedent to what most people recognize as "power pop" (things like Badfinger, the Raspberries, Big Star, Dwight Twilley, etc.).

        I agree that the Who (as well as the Kinks and Beatles) ultimately evolved conceptually way beyond that description.

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      Originally posted by Alrainbow View Post
      Holy cow I read the list most all I don't know. But I'll bet if I play them on tidal ill
      knkw some.
      You must remember this hit!

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        That's one of the genres I became obsessed with it at some point in time, and bought everything I could get my hands on. Some of my faves:

        The Beat - that first album kills it from beginning to end!
        Big Star - of course
        Posies - Dear 23
        Teenage Fanclub - everything
        Wondermints - Mind if we... (this was the backing band that helped Brian Wilson in his early comeback tours in the 90s-2000s)
        Jason Falkner - everything
        Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
        Fountains of Wayne - first 3 (these guys wrote that song "That Thing You Do" from the Tom Hanks movie)
        Merrymakers - Bubblegun
        This Perfect Day - everything (the swedish were prodigious!)

        Tons more, this list might help: See all

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        • Quint
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          You've got excellent taste!

          Speaking of J. Falkner, I already had TV Eyes and Jellyfish, but this morning I just picked up a copy of his first solo album as well his collaboration in the Grays.

          Big Matthew Sweet fan here. I have all his albums, but "Girlfriend" is probably the one that gets the most spins.

        • Alex Siufy
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          Yeah, look for Falkner's albums... Some only came out in Japan, but they're worth it!

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        The Nazz - "Under the Ice"
        The Cahs - "My Best Friends Girl Friend"
        Cheap Trick - Live at Budokan
        The Jam - All Mod Cons "David Watts"


        • jonathanb
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          The Cahs? A little Boston humor or just a typo?

        • Quint
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          If it was a typo, it was a damn appropriate one!