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    In this fast changing world, can anyone lay claim to predict where the music industry will be in three, much less five or ten years?

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    The question for the music industry is no longer ‘will it survive?’ but ‘what happens next?’
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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    I personally don't care where the music industry goes in the next 3-5 years as long as I can listen to my 4000 LPs and 1500 CDs. And as long as I can continue to buy classic rock, jazz, and classical LPs and CDs. Bottom line is I don't care about todays music or future music. So sue me.
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      If one trend of the last ten or twenty years holds true, the release of new music from the big two music companies will dry up to next to nothing. Oh wait, it already has.

      The pace of re-releases will expand somewhat, as will the simultaneous release of material in multiple formats. I think it was Pearl Jam started the trend of releasing on vinyl amongst rockers/popular acts. This still won't expand past being a niche market. Re-releases in various higher resolution digital file formats will continue to increase but unless there is a massive expansion into the mass market it too will remain niche. Streaming will expand and eventually most will be at least 44.1, some better. Apple will remain the 1,800 lb. gorilla in the download market. But believe it or not, that market is starting towards saturation because there is less and less new material. See the first paragraph.

      New music will come primarily from small companies, small labels and independent artists. It takes a bit of searching to find it, but it's there and trending. Financing for new projects has in some cases come from Kickstarter and similar crowd funding. If generally successful this will continue and expand. The ultimate fan expression, keeping the music going.

      Dave Grohl will continue to do interesting projects. I hope.

      Equipment integration is a most in the bottom end of the market. such as the Sprout and D 3020. In the current economy there aren't a lot of disposable dollars and much competition for those dollars. On the high end side, unfortunately brick and mortar stores will only be found in major metropolitan areas and to stay alive will continue the trend towards big ticket items where the standard margin is substantial enough to keep the doors open. Big box stores will continue the downward trend to cheaper and cheaper junk.

      Direct marketing online will continue to expand and not solely due to price, but simply because for many, it is the only option.

      Myself? My personal trend is I'm ecstatic that there is a decent used store in town. I just scored about ten clean albums to further round out my library.
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