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For those looking for a Beatles Blue Box (BC-13)

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  • For those looking for a Beatles Blue Box (BC-13)

    there is one on the Hoffman site now for $250 dollars, all records allegedly mint-. Even if the box or some of the covers are a little shabby, this is a great price. I don't know where this set was pressed (some were UK, some elsewhere as I recall). These sets usually fetch more- they were pretty standard analog issues of most of the Beatles catalog pulled from then existing production into a boxed set.
    mep can probably tell you more; I forgot what I might have known, but a pretty essential box if you want most of the Beatles catalog in analog without hunting for mint early pressings, which can get costly and frustrating.
    FWIW, I have no interest in this set or the seller. So that's not only a disclaimer but a caveat. However, it is a very good price.