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    Back in 2015 Wall Steet Journal correspondent Neil Shah wrote a curious piece called “The Biggest Music Comeback of 2014: Vinyl Records”. Curious because while the headline heralds that “the biggest music comeback of 2014” was the resurgence of vinyl records, the story itself threw a mud caked wet blanket over the entire experience, one created by Mr. Shah’s cynical and highly selective use of the information he obtained by talking to people in the industry.
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    I wrote to Mike- let's see what he says. I've talked with Neil Shah in the past, about the very article that Fremer mentioned, circa 2014.
    I think it behooves us to tolerate the uninformed- hell, you guys tolerate me; and to educate and enlighten where possible. We are always bitching about how insular this hobby is--
    to quote the great John Belushi- "did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"


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      It all depends on if they realize they are uninformed. If they don't, it's hopeless.
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      the tone in Mikey's piece sounds as if Shah's agenda was to dismiss vinyl's resurgence then build his case around half-truths and outright misconceptions to sway the reader.

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      And if MF had invited him over to his place he would have probably said it's a $million system it should sound good.

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    There is no law against giving the stupid a megaphone. In fact, the less people have to say the more they say.

    There is a law, or clever saying in there somewhere.
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      Sounds like a good Monty Python skit. The Ministry of Silly audiophiles?