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Recommend me some Soprano and Opera vocal classics

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  • Recommend me some Soprano and Opera vocal classics

    I am a complete novice in the Opera and Soprano vocal genre. I am particular drawn to wonderful female vocals, but have no idea where to start. There is some opera that turns me off, but when done to my personal taste, it is the most magical sound on earth. One such example is "Duettino Sull'aria Le nozze di Figaro" of which I love. Another is example is Nulla In Mundo Pax Sincera. I'll leave the link below. Please leave more recommendations (could be vinyl or cd). No wrong answers. Thanks

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    Nulla In Mundo Pax Sincera


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      Emma Kirkby is wonderful. That's not her picture, however.

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      Yea, I have no idea what this youtube poster was thinking... posting an attractive woman with Emma Kirkby singing Vivaldi

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    I truly love the Duettino Sull'aria Le nozze di Figaro. Try Kira Te Kanawa and Lucia Pop. With Solti and the London Philharmonic. London 417 395-2 Gorgeous. There may be other releases of this same performance.

    Let's mix that one with yours and we get Lucia Pop and Gundala Janowitz:

    Pop is amazing. Alas, she died so young.

    A classic from Puccini (a gift who keeps on giving) is Un Bel Di from Madame Butterfly. Try Renee Fleming with Mackerras and again the London Philharmonic.

    An obscure favorite of mine is Caro Mio Ben written by Giuseppe Giordani. An Italian baroque aria featuring a piano and a soprano. You can find it in a scene cut from Amadeus where a young singer (Michelle Esposito) gets her big chance to audition before court composer Salieri. It's on the 2-disc soundtrack from 1984, Fantasy 3FCD-4403-2


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      Excellent recommendations. Complete forgot about Renee Fleming and the Amadeus Soundtrack. I initially heard the ones I listed from Shawshank Redemption and the Shine Soundtrack. I guess goes to show you how important cinema is to also expose viewers to great music

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    The (bluray) DVD of Anna Netrebko in the Salzburg La Traviata. Wonderful singing and beautiful production. Larry
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