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    Those interested in stereo sound may wish to check out my website,, which is dedicated to providing a collection of resources for individuals interested in upmixing older mono recordings to stereo through the use of audio spectral editing, sound source separation, and related processes. The website went live a little over two years ago and has been visited by individuals in 118 countries so far. Be sure to check out the many examples on the MEDIA pages ( of the website! There is also a companion Facebook page ( where I post information about updates to the website as well as related content. I hope that you find the website interesting, informative, and thought provoking! provides resources for upmixing mono source material to stereo through spectral editing and sound source separation.
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    Interesting website. I had no idea such advanced techniques now existed for converting mono recordings into stereo. I went thru all five media sample pages and really was inpressed. MUCH BETTER than that old "rechanneled for stereo" sound of the 1960's.
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      While I do like some of the tools in Cedar, Izotope and Spectral Layers, my go to plug for this is reNOVAtor by Algorithmix.

      Wish this database was available about 3yr ago when I did the mono of "Ella and Louis".