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50 Greatest Blue Note Recordings

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  • 50 Greatest Blue Note Recordings

    Blue Note is an iconic jazz label, so it only makes sense to put together a list of the greatest Blue Note albums. Find out what’s on our list here.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Interesting. I don't collect Blue Notes, have a few, thought this one was supposed to be primo- though I didn't see it on the list:


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      I've got most of those 50 but like you am surprised not to see that Hank Mobley.

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    It's always tough putting together a 'greatest list' of anything but it does stimulate some brain cells. Right or wrong I tend to enjoy most of the list maybe not as serious listening material so much as background music for mental lubrication while doing other tasks.

    I think I would be more interested in reading a compilation, from the membership here, of their favorite Jazz recordings ..

    I found the comments on one of their other "lists" showing the fragility (or maybe the purpose / Udiscovermusic) of that scope of work -