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  • Everest...

    Everest is an interesting situation. Their method of recording to 35mm seems like a great idea in theory, but in practice the recordings have issues.

    I just purchased 4 of Chad's new 45 RPM reissues and while I'm sure these as good as it's ever going to get (for these titles), the sonics don't compare with other golden age recordings. Everest had Westrex build bespoke recording equipment and while I don't know that it's the culprit but I hear a lack of frequency extension, grain and distortion on crescendos.

    Anyone know anything about this?
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    which title? Some are snoozers, I really like the Corroboree interesting music to boot. My pressings are the Classic reissues, I don't know if Chad's current offerings are complete redos or retreads from old metal parts from the acquisition of the Classic back catalog. That may also account for the dif in SQ.
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      Well, these are the four that are out :

      I do have 5 or 6 of the Classic resissues; unfortunately some of them have tape warble.
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        I have 5 of the original recordings, and they are fine, without being what I had hoped for dynamics wise.


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          There were also 2 Everest reissues on the Sweet Thunder label. According to Discogs, they date from around 1981. I have the two Everests that are listed - the Copland Billy the Kid and the Stravinsky Petrouchka by Goosens. Didn't know until I saw the Discogs list that they did several pop and film reissues, too.

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          • kensell21
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            Are you able to comment on the sound quality of the Sweet Thunders??

          • astrotoy
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            I just listened to parts of the two Sweet Thunder Everests that I have. Both are very fine. I don't have original Everests to compare. Both were recordings with the LSO, so I am guessing they were done in Kingsway Hall in the late '50's, where both Decca and EMI did a lot of recording.

          • kensell21
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            Thanks astrotoy.

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          Another series of Everest reissues to look into are on the DCC label, mastered by Steve Hoffman.

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          DCC LPZ-1001 LP Stokowski conducts Tchaikovsky Fantasia for Orchestra Op. 32/Hamlet
          DCC LPZ-1003 LP Stokowski conducts Villa-Lobo, Prokofiev Uirapuru / Cinderella
          DCC LPZ-2034 LP Copland, Aaron Appalachian Spring Ballet
          DCC LPZ-2035 LP Copland, Aaron Billy The Kid (Ballet Suite)

          The two Copland and the Villa Lobos disc are very fine and imo all of the titles better any originals.