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    Lately, during the day while working, I've been listening to some Big Band type music / soloists with bands and the like and really digging the sound. I've always enjoyed this type of music from the time I was quite young. Some of my favorites are: Jonah Jones, Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra, Elliot Lawrence, Will Bradley, Al Hirt, Pete Fountain, Duke Ellington, Larry Elgart, Teddy Wilson, etc.

    Anybody else enjoy this stuff?
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    Stan Kenton with June Christy made the rotation a few times last month, does that make me an old fogey? as a music category I like it, when the mood strikes I tend to listen to it a lot. The Count Basie Orch is a fave for sure as is Oscar Peterson among others.
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      Originally posted by Rob View Post
      does that make me an old fogey?
      Why yes, it does! LOL
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        Guy Lombardo and the Canadians? Ended up with a few 78s in the collection I'm working on. Andrews Sisters. Still working on the stack.


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          Not a lot. These are a couple I enjoy from one of the top bandleaders in the UK from the 40s on. Recommend the Decca SKL pressing. Check out the album recorded at Kingsway Hall!

          Click image for larger version

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