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    60 minutes on two sides of an LP? Were they high? Sure looks from the feedback that not surprisingly the sound sucks. Too bad since Cassandra’s early LPs were pretty good sounding.

    Anyone hear her latest effort care to comment. From a disappointed fan. 😥
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    That sucks. I love Cassandra. Looks like I won’t be picking this LP up tho.
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      I like her too. Her producer from the mid-'90s also worked with Chris Whitley, who appeared on some of her albums. They are good sounding. NB. Have not heard this record.


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        I thought the new tone poet release was 2 LPs.

        The Tone Poet release is Glamoured. I see you are talking about Loverly.
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        • MylesBAstor
          MylesBAstor commented
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          This isn’t the Tone Poet release.

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        Todd Rundgren's "Initiation" ran 68 minutes total. They did it by holding back peak record level and rolling off bass. The "technical note" on the jacket was " "Due to the amount of music on this disc (over one hour), two points must be emphasized. Firstly, if your needle is worn or damaged, it will ruin the disc immediately. Secondly, if the sound does seem not loud enough on your system, try re-recording the music onto tape." Of course, we did the tape thing anyway to preserver our records.

        So...should we dub Cassandra to tape??