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  • Lost Bill Evans Tape Uncovered

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Name:	bill-evans-some-other-time-vinyl.jpg
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    The LP was reportedly available as a Record Store Day (RSD) release? Appears to be going for around $100 now on ePay.

    Now only available on CD. I hope Resonance did a better job here than with their other releases. Their processing and manipulation ruined the sound of their earlier Bill Evans release.
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    It's a good one. I have it in Stereo DSD 128 from Native DSD. Recommended.


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      Originally posted by bmoura View Post
      It's a good one. I have it in Stereo DSD 128 from Native DSD. Recommended.
      +1...I have it from the same site...general very please with Native DSD. And a good recording...along with as always Bill Evans is just good jazz...
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        Anyone had a chance to hear the vinyl edition of this new/old Bill Evans recording? I'd appreciate knowing more about this pressing, sound-quality wise. The RSD edition was sold out at my local brick and mortar shop by the time I got there.


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          I have the LP. Only listened to it once but it's a pretty good one. Not his best music but it's darn good. My pressing is clean with no issues. Actually got my a couple of days after RSD, got lucky I guess.
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