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New Anne Bisson Direct-to-Disc Recording!

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  • New Anne Bisson Direct-to-Disc Recording!

    From Gary Koh, Genesis Advanced Technologies:

    We support music by word and deed. We have also contributed to helping musicians get their music heard and more widely released.

    So, we are sponsoring Anne Bisson's next album. To ensure the best sound quality, we asked Anne to do it direct-to-disc at Bernie Grundman's. So, all she's doing is renting U.S. studio time, paying a U.S. citizen (Michael Ross I assume is an American), and paying a U.S. citizen (Bernie, I assume too is American) to master her new album. To do that, she has to apply for a visa for her and her musicians to come to the US to spend their Canadian dollars and record. Just doesn't make sense!
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    That is crazy. Canadian recording artists record in the U.S. all the time, maybe it's easier under a music label...
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      She IS doing it under her music label Camilio Records - a Montreal company. Because the other two artists are bringing their instruments, it is construed as "touring" by the immigration authorities.
      Gary L Koh, CEO and Chief Designer
      Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.


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        Please sign the petition to scrap the P2 visa.

        Gary L Koh, CEO and Chief Designer
        Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.


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          Love Anne Bisson. Will get the LP no matter what.

          Crazy on the visa...
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