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Jazdoc's 2016 Favorite Jazz Records

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  • Jazdoc's 2016 Favorite Jazz Records

    Tremendous year for new jazz releases. We are truly living in a golden age. Subject to revisions...

    JD Allen "Americana"
    Backed by his working trio, this CD based on blues changes. Contender for album of the year. Very well recorded with the minor caveat of falling victim to the drummer with the 14' long arms...sigh

    The Bad Plus "It's Hard"
    Concentrating on covers, an outstanding release. Vinyl has great sonics.

    Kenny Barron "Book of Intuition"
    The elegant pianist reinterprets his older compositions and mixes in a couple of obscure Monk tunes on this trio CD release.

    Marquis Hill "The Way We Play"
    Well recorded CD of straight ahead modern jazz led by young trumpeter.

    Brad Mehldau "Blues & Ballads"
    Another great LP by one of the best working trios on the planet. You'll be hearing the cover of "And I Love Her" at audio shows. Outstanding sonics.

    Noah Preminger "Some Other Time"
    My favorite release from Newvelle Records first year. Amazing sonics.

    Rhythm Future Quartet "Travels'
    Great CD of hot jazz.

    Wadada Leo Smith "America's National Parks"
    Killer disc of improvisational music at its finest. Contender for album of the year.

    Cuong Vu Trio "Meets Pat Metheny"
    Drummer Ted Poor is the star of this set. Great sounding CD.

    The Westerlies "Eponymous"
    I'll admit my bias up front...I know the parents of the musicians. But these guys are the real deal playing their own compositions on their 2nd CD. An inventive form of chamber jazz.

    Matt Wilson's Big Happy Family "Beginning of a Memory"
    The title is an illusion to Wilson's late wife to whom the CD is dedicated. A beautiful and fun homage.
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    Thank you for sharing.
    +1 on the Brad Mehldau & Noah Preminger.
    I have the Cuong Vu Trio download waiting for a listen.
    The rest includes material I will need to check out.
    -- Don
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      Thanks, I am going to start adding some of these to my collection.

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    Marc did you happen to pick up any of the jazz recordings done at Smoke jazz club in NY?
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      Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
      Marc did you happen to pick up any of the jazz recordings done at Smoke jazz club in NY?
      I own quite a few of their CDs and a couple of LPs. They all sound very good. My favorite is an Orrin Evans CD. Fabulous venue.


      • MylesBAstor
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        Yes Smoke is a ten minute cab ride from our place and we get their regularly.

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      I love the Bad Plus release - gets a lot of play at my house ....
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