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  • Bill Evans - Riverside Recordings

    I'm thinking about ordering Bill Evans Riverside Recordings new 200G vinyl collection. The collection is quite good from a music perspecitive. Any feedback on the audio quality of this project?



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    How many discs are in the collection and are they available separately? If so, you could buy just one to check out the sound quality.
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      If it's another run of the 45 rpm box set released in 2012..they are sublime sounding. It does not get any better.
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      • Rob
        Rob commented
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        is it the same metal work from the '12 release?

      • rockitman
        rockitman commented
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        Not sure. My guess...the same metal parts. They (Acoustic Sounds) make it sound like this is a new release. I bought mine in Feb 2012.

      • jfrech
        jfrech commented
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        I'll have to agree. I have the 2012 45 RPM set. Amazing recording...I have original pressings on many of these titles. This 45 rpm set is that good...

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      Thx for the opinions and insights!


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        I am seriously thinking about the Evans Box set as well however 45 rpm records drive me nuts. Up and Down...Up and Down...Up and Down

        I really wish they would do more great material like this at 33.3
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        • JCOConnell
          JCOConnell commented
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          I dislike 45 rpm releases for the same reason, too many side changes.

        • MylesBAstor
          MylesBAstor commented
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          Get both like I do. So when are lazy can play the 33 rpm and when want the finest in sound put on the 45 rpm.

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        Originally posted by Letsmakeadeal View Post
        I am seriously thinking about the Evans Box set as well however 45 rpm records drive me nuts. Up and Down...Up and Down...Up and Down

        I really wish they would do more great material like this at 33.3
        Gives you some exercise and a chance to grab another beer.
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          I have the QRP Bill Evans box set. All 22 discs, 11 albums are gems. It took me a few days to play all of them and surprising to me I really enjoyed all of them. Quality of the pressings are awesome. Well worth the money. As far as 45 rpm while I do have to get up more often I have not noticed any weight loss. It is just not that big a deal to me and I do appreciate the sound. If you like Bill Evans you will enjoy and not regret the purchase (IMHO).
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