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Cecil Taylor: rest in peace

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  • Cecil Taylor: rest in peace

    Cecil Taylor, one of the giants of jazz passed yesterday. is playing a Cecil Taylor memorial broadcast through tomorrow (Sat. April 6) at 5 am.
    An uncompromising artist, Mr. Taylor argued against reductive definitions of what a musician of his training and background could or should do.

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    RIP - I remember the first time I listened to Silent Tongues, I was amazed at his gift.


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      A radical and unorthodox free style, defying all music rules. Not many people understood his style during the "Modern Jazz" period: early 60's to late 70's. I believe that his style was not simply different, innovative and unconventional but a major alternative to the modern jazz styles. The curious thing is that he never tried to "swing" but rather create textures of sound instead of singable phrases who made "sense". Ha! Quite violent and little serenity. That was his approach...I studied him while taking Music Theory at college.

      Sketsoteric Audio: "Analog Sound, Digital Flexibility"


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        I last saw him perform in Nov. 2008 at the Village Vanguard with Tony Oxley. Cecil seemed quite frail as he approached the stage, but everything changed the moment he sat down at the piano and began to play: he unleashed as furious and frantic a performance as I'd ever witnessed him perform. After the set, he returned to the dressing room, again walking so frailly that one feared he might fall. It was amazing to witness this performance as he clearly reserved all of his energy for his playing and left little in the tank when he was done. I just discovered that there's a double LP that was produced from Taylor and Oxley's residence that week at the Vanguard: Ailanthus / Altissima. (It can be had for a mere $110.) Mine is on the way.