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Lyn Stanley’s tapes...any owners here?

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  • Lyn Stanley’s tapes...any owners here?

    And anyone know if her new Julie London tribute album will be released on tape? I’m a big fan of Julie London...
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    asking way too much $$$


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      Yeah I agree!!!

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    I don't own any of her tapes, but I looked up Lynn Stanley's back story. Very interesting. I think she is one very smart lady, essentially creating her own business which focuses on the audiophile market, not just in R2R tapes but also audiophile vinyl. She also hires top level session players and engineers. This is her third career and she only began singing a few years ago after retiring from two successful careers in Fortune 500 finance and then competitive ballroom dancing. According to one interview she is in her '60's (similar age to Patricia Barber), but with the advantage of not having decades of wear and tear on her voice. The most expensive tapes she sells are individual mix downs from the session master tapes to a two channel master. So you are getting something that almost nobody gets.

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      Yeah, but you have to like her singing a lot to shell out the bucks for her tapes.

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    I had a wonderful lunch with Lyn at Axpona last year. She is an amazing lady and we talked a lot about her different careers. One constant is that she’s been successful at everything she’s ever set her mind to. She is in her early 50’s and still gorgeous.

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