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Ballfinger (via Analogy Records) sampler tape...

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  • Ballfinger (via Analogy Records) sampler tape...

    the reel itself looks nice - I’m sure the tape sounds great.

    15 ips Special Edition Sampler tape made by Analogy Records for Ballfinger on Studiomaster SM 900. With exclusive and unreleased contents, from jazz to pop to world to contemporary. Premium line packaging, aluminum flange, custom box and booklet.
    • Format: 2 Tracks, 1/4″
    • Tape: RTM SM 900
    • Speed: 15 IPS / 38 cm/s
    • EQ: CCIR or NAB


    Track 1: Both Sides Now
    (EXCLUSIVE and UNRELEASED – Andrea Celeste Quartet – recording by Al Schmitt)
    Genre: Acoustic Pop

    Track 2: La Barca Ubriaca
    (from AR009 – Elias Nardi Group – Flowers Of Fragility)
    Genre: World-Jazz

    Track 3: Hay Burner
    (from AR018 – Nine Pennies Big Band – The Sunny Side Of The Swing vol.1)
    Genre: Swing-Jazz

    Track 4: Serenity
    (from AR011 – Norchestra & GNU Quartet – Suite For The Seagulls)
    Genre: Jazz-Pop

    Track 5: Oleo
    (from AR014 – Moroni/Gomez/La Barbera – Kind Of Bill vol.2)
    Genre: Jazz

    Track 6: extract from “Tempo Di Sabba”
    (from AR017 – Alessio Pisani – The Bogeyman)
    Genre: Contemporary Classical

    Track 7: Blackbird
    (EXCLUSIVE and SOLD OUT – from SP01 – Andrea Celeste Enter Eyes)
    Genre: Pop-Jazz

    Track 8: Saved
    (from AR007 – Red Wine – Pickin’ Friends vol.1)
    Genre: Jazz-Pop

    Price: 195,00 €

    TAPE: Studer A807, A810; Revox B77 MkII; Tascam BR-20; Technics RS-1700; Pioneer RT-707, RT-909
    VINYL: Pioneer PL-50LII/Benz LP-S MR/ModWright PH 9.0; Denon DP59-L/Dynavector 20xH
    DIGITAL: Bryston SP-3, Marantz NA6006/Pioneer N-50
    SPEAKERS: B&W Nautilus 800, Pioneer DSS-9, Velodyne FSR-15
    AMPS: Cary SLP-05/Sunfire Signature 600, Pioneer SX-1980

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    Remember Analogy Records’ tapes are digitally recorded. Bought a couple of their tapes when they first came out and the recordings were just okay. Thought they were a little edgy but haven’t listened to them recently.
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      Yeah. Bummer. Wasn’t keenly aware of that. Thanks for the reminder.

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      Not necessarily JC as in the case of the Patricia Barber releases. But here the digital origins makes itself known.