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First Two Tape Releases

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    Hello Larry it is $350 for one reel 10 inch CCIR made from the master one at the time. Or 2x 7 inch reel NAB same price for the IV-S customer


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      Thanks for the clarification. Larry

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    This is one darn fine recording on Digital. Found it on Tidal. Should go under Meps thread as a recordings you know right off is real good.
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      Like Kingrex said the digital version of that analog master is nice, at 2xHD we did releaded also in DSD256.

      That two tracks recording done by MaplesShade with pure stereo technic is unique and when you hear it on analog tape Shirley Horn is back with us again!

      Here a picture of or custom Nagra tube set up at 2xHD to do the copy of the master one by one.
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        And MaplesShade custom recorder
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