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    Lookie what just arrived at my front door from Puget Sound Studios, Gay Owens, "Up Close".

    New tapes by Puget Sound Studios, looks like we have a new tape source in town from none other than our buddy Bruce Brown!

    Very cool looking red boxes with a nice expensive looking ribbed texture to them. I wish I had all my tapes in these red boxes...

    Can't wait to give the tapes a listen.

    Maybe Bruce can fill us in on prices and such?

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    Thank-you Greg.... this is something that I've always wanted to get into. Trying to do it on the "inexpensive", since the biggest complaint that I hear mostly from audiophiles is tapes are too expensive.

    These tapes go for $200 + shipping. 100% of the proceeds go to the artist, which it should. Tapes were recorded by Dave Wilson and are completely analog from start to finish. Wilson Audio declined production so I'm doing this on my dime.


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      Considering what the tapes cost to make $200 is a bargain.

      Especially when you add up just the costs of materials (with zero dollars for your time to dupe the tape)...

      The blank tape at $65 plus shipping to you, also the cost of that fancy box has to be at least $6 or $8???
      The blank white tape boxes are like $5 or something.
      Bottom line, you have a very reasonable cost.