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Junior Wells: HooDoo Man Blues

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    Hi all,
    I have just received an unsolicited email from the good folks at Delmark with instructions on returning my original Hoodoo Man Blues at no cost to me for a re-mastered vs. the original straight transferred version. I'm quite pleased at this action and looking forward to hearing the "2.0" version. They've also advised of new tapes coming, including Magic Sam Blues Band, Sun Ra, Sleepy John Estes and other artists from Don Morris. I think we should support these guys as they are obviously making an effort and doing the right thing at a heavy cost to them.
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      I got my Junior Wells Delmark reel back. It sounds MUCH better. It’s pretty remarkable, actually. Kudos to Delmark for making this right. I couldn’t be happier with this tape now and I will certainly continue to buy their tape releases.
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          I personally can’t answer unfortunately - I don’t have any other versions to compare it to.

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        I guess I wasn’t so lucky and the new version of Hoo Doo Man V2 is a huge step backwards. Maybe I got a bum tape and Don has graciously agreed to listen to and replace if necessary.

        The latest tape sounds like a ham handed attempt to re-EQ the tape. (Does the person at Delmark who gave Don the running master know what they are doing???) To wit, track one, maybe the weakest track on the tape, is even worse. The bass that was kinda light and all over the place now sounds like someone just boosted it and the lower regions are now flabby, boomy and tubby. Totally ill defined. This bass boost really on the whole degrades the recording’s transparency.

        The soundstage and instruments within that were located behind the plane of the speakers are now almost in the speaker. Guy’s guitar has really lost detail and sounds boring. Worse yet, the upper strings of Guy’s guitar on a couple of cuts are almost unrecognizable and sound an octave or two lower than they should be. Top end? Cymbals are maybe more extended but sounds like someone is beating a piece of metal to shape it.

        On another track (and compared even to the LP), someone screwed up the tracking and Wells is no longer in the center. On the last couple of cuts, there is a teapot like whistling sound between tracks that continues into the music. It’s only the loudness of the music that obscures this noise.

        Just to make sure wasn’t something with my tape setup, I played a couple of known tapes after and they sounded fine.

        I sure hope my copy is an aberration and not the standard. New companies entering the tape market need to know that good enough doesn’t cut it. Nor does jumping on the tape bandwagon with releasing poorly thought thru material. Personally I’d like to know what actually went on with the transfer at Delmark and what was used to do the transfer. There’s no question that based on Chad’s 45 rpm that this is an excellent recording but you wouldn’t know it from this tape.
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          Myles, I hope someone at Delmark addresses your comments immediately.
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