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  • Fone Releases More Tapes

    ORIGINAL ANALOG MASTER TAPES, nastri analogici by Giulio Cesare Ricci. Ricci ha iniziato professionalmente a registrare con sistemi analogici tutt'ora in uso fonè
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Thanks, Myles. Any idea how much the tapes are? I bought the Fone Beethoven Violin Concerto/Romance tape a couple of years ago. It was a 2 reeler. I noticed that most of the tapes being released in the classical area are multiple reels. Several look like they are pretty short to match the programs. The Schubert String Quartet set is three reels. Looks like it could fit on two reels if the second quartet (the short Quartetsatz were put first, then the first movement of the long quartet on the first reel, and the rest of the long quartet on the second reel.

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      Hi Larry,

      I have these tapes and indeed, the Quartettsatz could have been put first on the first reel (first reel : 21.32 minutes, second reel : 30.50 minutes, third reel : 9.25 minutes).

      Note that I've got many recordings from Fonè on tapes that are not listed on the website. Mr. Ricci is quite accommodating. As all his recordings are analog. I just browsed through his catalogue and then asked him to get a direct copy of the master tapes I wanted to get. You however need to be patient as he does all the transfers personally in his private home studio. Some of the tapes that you now see on his website are actually the result of this collaboration among others the Schubert String Quartet. Cesare Ricci is a one of my main suppliers of direct copies with about 60 tapes.

      The challenge is actually to find an exhaustive list of his recordings as his website does not provide the full list and he does not have one readily available. Thankfully most of his recordings are available on the Qobuz streaming platform and this is how I did my selection. There is a also a rather long list of his catalogue on

      For pricing, PM me.

      Kind regards,



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        Tango commented
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        I thought this suppose to be a secret since Fone has a dealer in US.

      • dcc
        dcc commented
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        I am not based in the US and I deal directly with Cesare Ricci. Obviously I did not want to disclose the pricing.

        I also had the opportunity to visit his home studio. I did a post on this some while ago. I obtained Cesare Ricci’s consent to publish the pictures of his home studio and I also ensured that he felft comfortable with the content of my post where I mentioned that I had tapes made from his catalogue.