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eBay “scam” listings of IPI tapes - do not support this!!!

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  • eBay “scam” listings of IPI tapes - do not support this!!!

    I’m sure that everyone here knows this, but someone is trying to sell some IPI tales on eBay for $350 each. These same tapes can be bought, right now, from Jonathan directly for $150 (since it appears the these are production copies and not direct copies). BOOOOO!
    TAPE: Studer A807, A810; Revox B77 MkII; Tascam BR-20; Technics RS-1700; Pioneer RT-707, RT-909
    VINYL: Denon DP59-L/Benz LP-S MR/ModWright PH 9.0; Pioneer PL-50LII/Dynavector 20xH
    DIGITAL: Bryston SP-3, Marantz NA6006/Pioneer N-50, Schiit Bifrost
    SPEAKERS: B&W Nautilus 800, Pioneer DSS-9, Velodyne FSR-15
    AMPS: Cary SLP-05/Sunfire Signature 600, Pioneer SX-1980

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    I’ve written the seller, who obviously is trying to make a killing on a used production copy with label peeling off to boot. This tape costs $150.00 new and is still available as my customers know.