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    So why would they use this for a "special" release?
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      the music is transcendent in which case a less than 'perfect' recording matters less. One can could say the same for Abraxas and Troubled Waters.

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      With my set of old ears, I have heard the tape and SACD before and really didn't notice anything until Myles pointed out the problem. I have to listen pretty hard to hear the whistle and it is easiest to tell when I stop the music and it goes away. From what I have read, there were only four albums released by the Bill Evans Trio with Scott Lafaro on bass. I have the two great Village Vanguard albums on tape also (Waltz for Debby and Live at the Village Vanguard). Many know that Lafaro died tragically at the age of 25 in an auto crash not long after the engagement at the Village Vanguard. My understanding is that he is considered one of the finest jazz bass players ever.


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    Mikey's Hendrix UHQR unboxing
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      Click image for larger version

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        Somewhere online.

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        Well they aren’t on Music Direct or Mofi’s websites as of now...

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        I was told could call MD and pre-order.

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      I thought the MFSL ordinary 45 speed issue of Blood on the Tracks (one of my all time favorite albums, and a true masterpiece) was very well done . Looking forward to hearing this