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The Making of Neil Young's Harvest

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  • The Making of Neil Young's Harvest

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Brilliant album. The scene where they are in the Nashville studio--all playing in the same room at the same time, no isolation booths, just capturing the sound of the whole group as they play, is one of the things that makes this record sound so good. Top tier players-- and though I know some people find Neil's voice nasal or grating, you have to take it like an instrument and treat it as part of the overall sound. It's a glorious listen as an original Hulko if you can find one that isn't chewed up--they tend to be noisy. Though he recorded several albums after Harvest--the so-called "Ditch Trilogy"-- it's Zuma that grabs me next- really dirty, spare compared to Harvest, but a great sounding record that utterly rocks.


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      I've got this version and I must say it sounds real sweet :
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        Brilliant album through and through. I'll have to check the deadwax for the LH descriptor on a U.S. original I bought 2 years ago.
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          Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post

          Great video Myles. Some music like his just puts me back in one of my past cars getting stoned at a park . Funny I cAnnot remember,what I did last week but so many stoner memories are burned in . Rust never sleeps is another one , and all the rest of that error.
          I was the only one to have a great car stereo that I installed and Tuned . I use to rave cars for money . Others let me drive there car to win for them lol. I guess harvest will be playing tomorrow night . Myles ypu have a great place here glad you have it. Great people to learn and
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            Originally posted by Bill Hart View Post
            -all playing in the same room at the same time, no isolation booths, just capturing the sound of the whole group as they play, is one of the things that makes this record sound so good..
            If you asked a recording studio today to record your band like this (no isolation booths), they would laugh at you and say "you can't do that" or some other such nonsense.

            Beatles "Yer Blues" on the White Album had a similar "real acoustic" recording. Recorded without mic isolation because they were in a very small side room off the main Abby Road room (I think a mic closet). A really good "you are there" recording as a result.

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              Two nights ago: