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For Eva Cassidy Fans!

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  • 1morerecord2clean
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    Wow Myles. What a wonderful video. I have never seen this. Some very talented people are not destined to be a part of the gross overblown commercial machine like the contestants on America's Got Talent. When that commercialism is shunned by those who really do have talent, it is often everyone else who grows uncomfortable. I think this was Cassidy's road taken. When I first heard her I thought she was black until someone showed me her picture. A tragic yet sweet story. Thanks for sharing Myles.

  • Joe Pittman
    Thanks for the video link Myles. Fans may also be interested in the book Songbird, her story by those who knew her.

    Click image for larger version

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  • MylesBAstor
    started a topic For Eva Cassidy Fans!

    For Eva Cassidy Fans!

    Came across this Nightline documentary on her life!