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Who's Left From the First Generation of Rockers?

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  • Who's Left From the First Generation of Rockers?

    With Chuck Berry's passing, we began to wonder: Which of the earliest rock 'n' rollers are alive? Here are 10 who made the music what it was
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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    Of those mentioned, I think Dion is the one who's doing the best late-career work. It's quite amazing, really. His last handful (or more) of albums have been extremely good.
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      He's become a blues singer but I'm not a fan. I don't think he has the voice for it. I liked his early doo-wop stuff much better.
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    While it's cheating to mention someone who passed in this context, someone who always deserves more attention, and always rocked, was the great late Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
    If you never heard of her, just look her up- in almost any context, any song, she's a fiery mix of soulful vocals and hard driving electric guitar--something that seems completely at odds with her "church lady" vibe. One of my personal favorites from the era.


    • Greg Beron
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      Bill, you are certainly someone who knows his shit.

      Sister Tharpe was a true unsung hero of music (I would not degrade her accomplishments by putting her in a musical nitch).
      For a woman to put herself out there like she did, singing and playing guitar like that, at that time, wow, just wow.

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    There was a great article on this very point in the 3/27 Wall St. Journal.....worth looking up.


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