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John Mellencamp: Rock and Roll is not coming back (interview)

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  • John Mellencamp: Rock and Roll is not coming back (interview)
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    We need a Rock and Roll Alamo!


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      I think he was being inarticulate... to be quite honest. Too many of these once great performers/creators have lost it. Maybe not entirely, but what is left is a mere shred of what they once were. Case-in-point: Listen to any recent live Paul McCartney performances.

      Performers of a prior period of glory days need to find something new to do. Their 'rock & roll' is dead.
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        He himself has just lost touch. There is a TON of great new rock & roll being made. Some by “middle age” bands, 20 years younger than Mellencamp, and some by 20-somethings, 40+ years younger than he is. Just because he doesn’t know any better doesn’t make it so.
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