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Happy 70th Birthday - David Gilmour

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  • Happy 70th Birthday - David Gilmour

    Still going strong and doing his thing.

    I hope he has a Comfortably Numb day!

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    Originally posted by Johnny Vinyl
    Still going strong and doing his thing.

    I hope he has a Comfortably Numb day!
    Did you like his new album?
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      I haven't decided yet. It's very laid back, so I really need to be in the mood. I'll know better after I've listened to it a little more. I think one has to be a true DG fan to appreciate this album and also the one before...On An Island.

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    It sucks we are all getting older, but at least we are on the right side of the dirt. I'm still trying to figure out what is so golden about the golden years. You come into the world and they slap diapers on your ass and before you leave, they are slapping diapers on your ass again. You add new words to your vocabulary like proctologist, urologist, and colonoscopy. At some point you realize you have reached the age of invisibility to women-they couldn't find you with a ghost hunter's kit.

    Happy BDay David Gilmour! Stay healthy and away from ladders. Ladders = busted hip. Busted hip = nursing home. Nursing home = death's door.
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