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Eddie Kramer on Jimi Hendrix Trilogy With 'Both Sides Of The Sky'

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  • Eddie Kramer on Jimi Hendrix Trilogy With 'Both Sides Of The Sky'

    Short piece from NPR on Eddie Kramer's recent project of bringing out previously unreleased material from the Hendrix vaults, very interesting...follow the link to hear the interview.
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    Is this available now and has anyone heard it and what are their impressions?
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      I have refused to listen to another Postmortem Album since people Hell and Angels.
      What a cobbled together mess.
      Don't get me wrong the parts that actually where from Hendrix are great. But just putting a demo into an endless loop and writing some backing arrangement to it and calling it a Hendrix song is utterly disgraceful!
      I would have much prefered just to hear the Mastered Demo recording as is. I am sure Jimi is thrilled people are still listening to his music but he for sure would not have released something like that back in the day.
      I hope this new Album is better...