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    Previously a collective yet to realize its most effective means of transforming ideas into finished art, Becker and Fagen coalesced on this 1977 classic
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Myles, thanks for posting this link.

    Since Steely Dan was one of the groups that emerged in the '70's (like Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, LZ, Queen) I had really no knowledge of them, until their albums were listed in the HP TAS Super Disc List or reviewed in Stereophile or TAS.

    Aja was one of those albums, along with Katy Lied. The latter was one of the albums that came in the collection of safety master tapes I bought and I finally actually listened to a Steely Dan album for the first time - in 2016. I found out by listening that "Katy Lied" was Katy "didn't tell the truth" rather than Katy "the German Song".

    Also someone had given me a compilation CD that he had made of audiophile quality cuts and the Ricki Lee Jones cover of "Show Biz Kids" was on it (later her album "Its Like This" was one of the first tapes released by Chad last year). That song has the reference to "Steely Dan teeshirts". The CD didn't have any names of the songs on it, and it took me a long time to find out that it was Ricki Lee Jones and the title of the song - I thought it would be Lost Wages or Las Vegas.

    The website you posted was also very interesting. I saw an article about some recently rediscovered concert tapes of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell recorded professionally back in 1968 which are now being shopped around for potential release.

    There was also an article about Journey, another group I had never heard of before Tim Marutani gave me a master tape of their "Escape" album which I baked and copied for him, along with a Steve Perry Album "Street Talk" (Side A only) which I also copied for him. Didn't care much for the Journey album, but Steve Perry was good to my ear. Tim also had an interesting odd ball tape. It was a show on the King Biscuit Flower Hour featuring Journey, but was never broadcast because of some rights issues. They had sent copies of the tapes to various radio stations and Tim was given the tape. I dubbed that one also (think it had to be baked). I didn't care much for that one either. For me Journey is an acquired taste that I haven't acquired.

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      Aja is one of those albums I loved when it came out, and still love to this day, and have played regularly in between. An all-timer for me.
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        Any opinions on what the best version of Aja is? I have the second LP pressing 1977, along with both the MoFi and standard CDs. I have heard the initial first LP pressings were better, along with all of the usual audiophile LPs..Japanese, MoFi etc..

        At any rate, it was a shock to hear the vinyl version again after so many years, especially compared to the MoFi CD. Just totally different..The MoFi CD equalized with much higher low frequency energy and a more recessed midrange. The LP I have much more what I remembered back in the day when I played it till you could see through it!
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          Skylab commented
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          I bought the Cisco LP reissue and compared it to the original MoFi LP and much preferred the MoFi. I don’t know how that compares to the MoFi CD but the original MoFi LP was issued way before the CD obviously.