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  • Foo Fighters New LP

    The new Foo Fighters double LP Wasting Light shows that a rock band can care about what their music sounds like as well as make good music.
    Turntable: - 1. Fairchild 750/OMA slate plinth
    2. Analog Engineering AE-2008 MinusK support.
    Tonearm: 1. Schroder Custom
    2. Schick 12"
    3. Abis SA-1
    Cartridge: Miyajima Kansui and Premium BE Mono
    PhonoPre: AprilSound LR, EMIA Strain Gauge, EMIA silver SUT
    CD: Wadia 860x
    Server: Innuos Zen Mini Mk3
    DAC: Computer Audio Design 1543 Mk2
    Preamp: Bent Audio TAP-X w silver autoformers
    Amplifier: AprilSound SET50 monoblocks
    Speaker: Pioneer PAX-30C

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    New? it came out almost 6 years ago


    • Beaur
      Beaur commented
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      Should have put MY in front of new.

    • Rob
      Rob commented
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      As you may know, its 100% analog recorded at Dave's house, his garage actually.

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    New or not, I wasn't aware of it (probably because I'm not a huge fan) but will now take a listen.

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