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What Are Your Favorite Percussion Recordings?

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    Hans Zimmer's "You're So Cool." Numerous versions exist (original is on the True Romance soundtrack). The City of Prague Philharmonic orchestra version is superb but only available on cd. On a superb digital front end though, it is fantastic.


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      Here's a link I'd saved a few years ago. The first track, which is the one I want y'all to give a listen, is stunning in it's syncopation.


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        This is in the mail, I haven't received it but I have heard it...get 'em while they're hot, only 350 LPs in existence

        William Winant - "Five American Percussion Pieces"

        • 350 copies pressed, worldwide.

        • 200 gram super-heavyweight vinyl

        • Gallery edition-style packaging

        • Hand-crafted 10 plate screen printed jacket with mitred-corner wood spine!!!

        Estimable American percussionist William Winant (Sonic Youth, John Zorn, Mr Bungle, Glenn Spearman) makes his solo debut with this brilliant suite of recordings of works by Lou Harrison, Michael Byron, Alvin Curran, and James Tenney, recorded between 1976 and 2013. Winant is one of those characters revered by his peers yet relatively unknown beyond the experimental cognoscenti. These five pieces reveal him to be a master of musical magik with a finely honed percussive discipline and instinctive appreciation of timbre, the sort that makes complex pieces seem effortless and has seen his services in demand by the likes of John Cage and Iannis Xenakis. His five performances here call to mind analogies to everything from Moondog's rhythmelodic tattoos to the chiming minimalist phrasing of Steve Reich and the downtown sounds of Arthur Russell and Peter Zummo; that's to say there's a mixture of humour and skill at play, unafraid to engage with avant-garde structures and interpret them with a manner and integrity that retains the pieces' challenging nature while presenting it in the most engrossing, tangible terms. It's got us utterly mesmerised at the least.
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          Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
          LP, CD or digital files.

          Here were three suggestions from Mikey!

          Here are mine. Amemiya's Summer Prayer might just be the best of the percussion albums I've ever heard. An absolute cartridge torture test.
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          Mallets, Summer Prayer, and two of Mikey's choices - Bang, Baroom, and Percussion Music were all at one time or another members of HP's Super Disc List. Took me a really long time to find a copy of Mallets! Also Charlie Byrd, Dafos and Hot Stix were also HP Super Discs.

          Winston Ma's All Star Percussion Ensemble was reissued by Winston and pressed by QRP on 200g vinyl. An addition to the TAS SuperDisc (not chosen by HP).


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            Summer Prayer was on HP’s list around Issue 8 and then disappeared. Have no idea why it fell off. Might be the best percussion LP ever. Scary dynamics. Recently found a 45 rpm release of it that never knew existed.

            I don’t remember Percussion Music being on HP’s list nor mentioned by Mikey. Might have missed it.

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            Here are the two Percussion albums from Nonesuch that were on the HP TAS list. Percussion Music was last on the TAS website list about 2002 and the Wuorinen Percussion Symphony was in issue #73. I have three pressings of the Percussion Music, including a Quad pressing. Larry
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            Sorry, thought you referring to Super Percussion. Yes the Nonesuch’s were on HP’s list.

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          Another great Shelly Manne record, I have both copies the orig. Capitol 1st press and an uber rare Japanese pressing cut at 45 rpm...

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            Can’t believe forgot these two gems! Both recorded at RCA's long gone Studio A. Anthony Salvatore for the first and Paul Goodman for second album. Goodman was known for his multi-making but here it works.

            Pulse was also reissued by Classic. Perhaps Chad should try to get the tapes!

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              Pulse was another TAS Superdisc 30 or so years ago. Lou Harrison lived in the Bay Area and we would see him attending concerts featuring his music. I remember much of his music having Asian influences, including the gamelon from Indonesia. Larry

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              I think Sid turned HP onto this album. Sid had the only system with his RS1bs capable of doing that recording justice. Especially when he had the cjs on the top and Krell on the bottom end! 😉

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              "...including the gamelon from Indonesia."
              Twenty years ago, I bought one of these while in a freighter discharging in Tanjung Priok (Djakarta). The First assistant engineer had a didgeridoo, and the Third mate had a guitar. We used to jam together to "The Iguanas" CD I had with me. It worked! They were some light moments in a difficult voyage. Okay, sorry to interrupt.

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            Here is an oldie.
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              I picked these up last weekend at THE Show in Long Beach. I hadn't seen Tony Minasian in ages until I stumbled onto his modest booth at the far corner of the sellers marketplace. I usually dont take a complete lap of these places this time I'm glad I did. He showed--and played me-- three recordings he's done over the last few years transferred to RBCD, however one is actually a CDR. Nonetheless the SQ IS STELLAR, Id describe the music as avant garde, I bought all three. Percussion sounds and percussive instruments are prominently highlighted on most tracks. Its in-the-room-live type of realism you only get from 30 IPS tape and D2D records. I recommend them highly within the genre of "test recordings"

              Tony doesn't have a distributor, besides direct sales from his website a couple of high-end dealers carry his CDs. He can sell you the files I don't know if they're hi-res or not.


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                  Is the Stairway youre talking about the classic studio version, or an alternate live version or what?

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                Just got this. Its f’n crazy.
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