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The Mysterious Case of AP's "Royal Ballet Gala" reissue

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    I have three Classic versions. The Soria replica on 180gm, the 45 Clarity in the black and gold box, and a 180gm test pressing box with plain white jackets and box with RTI sticker. In my opinion, my preferred order starts with the 45 test pressing box. I won this by purchasing 5 copies of the Soria replica! Unfortunately I sold four of those early in the game! That box has the best combination of sonics and pressing quality. It's plain jane to look at but the sound is awesome, a cut above the Soria replica with I place in second. The 200gm Clarity box comes in third because ironically, the Clarity vinyl has a persistent fine grain sound that obscured low level detail. Almost like super duper fine sandpaper! I was shocked! It might not be noticed if I didn't have the earlier 45 test box to compare.