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Academy Awards Remember James Horner

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  • Academy Awards Remember James Horner

    Had forgotten that the composer of so many great and classic soundtracks like Glory had tragically died last year in a plane crash
    James Horner, the award-winning composer behind some of Hollywood's biggest films,
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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    Yeah, that took me by surprise as well since, like you, I had forgotten all about that.

    On a more happy note! I was so pleased to see Ennio Morricone finally receiving an Oscar. I said to my sister "They need to give him a standing ovation for all the contributions to film he has made". Seconds later that's exactly what happened. Excellent, excellent choice!
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      Ennio didn't have too many more swings at the bat he's like 87, it was good to see him clinch it. Did you see him sitting next to John Williams in the balcony? Williams is a huge admirer of Morricone.

      Horner's discography of excellent scores is vast, besides Glory these get played regularly in my system: Brainstorm, Cocoon, Willow, Field of Dreams, Patriot Games & Braveheart


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        Aliens remains my favorite.

        He did evolve. There was a time when I thought each Horner soundtrack was a synopsis of all previous Horner soundtracks. Eventually I got over that.