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1975 - Gold for PF/ Silver for Mr. Zimmerman / Bronze for The Boss

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  • 1975 - Gold for PF/ Silver for Mr. Zimmerman / Bronze for The Boss

    Another stellar year for the Top 10, although not as strong as a few previous ones IMO. Many have become classics.

    My collection has:

    Top 10 - 6
    Top 25 - 14
    Top 50 - 29
    Dynavector DV20x2L MC cartridge - Genesis G7.1f speakers - Marantz Reference PM-KI-Pearl Int. Amp. - Oracle Audio Paris MkV turntable - Various Morrow & Valab/King cables

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    I would rank them the same 1,2,3 for recording quality too.
    Magnepan 1.6 QR Loudspeakers, Amherst A-2000 MOSFET 150 WPC Amp, Conrad Johnson PV-10A Modded Tube Line & Phono Stage, Electrocompaniet MC II Class A Head Amp, Audio Technica AT-OC9XML Cart (Stereo) , Graham Engineering 2.2 Tonearm (Stereo) , VPI Aries-1 Turntable (Stereo) , VPI Clamp, Denon DL-102 Cart, (Mono) , Luxman Tonearm (Mono) , Kenwood KD-500 Turntable (Mono) , Michell Clamp, Marantz 20B Analog FM Tuner, Pioneer SACD, Onkyo DX-6800 CD Transport, DIY 24B/192K DAC, Sennheiser HD-650 Headphones, Headroom Max Balanced Headphone Amp, DIY Silver Interconnects


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      I would agree with that!

    • JCOConnell
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      Born to Run in particular, is a pretty dirty recording