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    B&W (Bowers & Wilkens) of loudspeaker fame celebrated their 50 year anniversary last year: "50 Years of Audio Excellence." In doing so they created/picked a list of albums, one for each year of their existence. "... 50 albums that are music and sonic icons. Chosen by our staff, friends in the recording industry and you."

    From 1966 throuh 2016 - and they did it in a pretty cool way.... here.

    This was pointed out to me by TAB writer Jason Kennedy in his review of B&W's 802 D3 speakers.
    Spkr: Wilson Alexias series 2; Amps: Lamm M1.2Ref; Linestage and phono: ARC Ref 10 and ARC Ref 10 Phono; TT: GPA Monaco 2.0; Arms: Kuzma 4Point, Tri-planar Mk. VII U2-SE; Cartridges: Allnic Arrow/Puritas, Benz LP S, Fuuga, Lyra Etna, Transfiguration Phoenix, Denon DL-A100,DL103R; Cables: Shunyata Σ / Σ NR PC/SC/IC; Pwr Cond: Shunyata Triton III, Typhons(3); Isolation: SRA Scuttle3 rack, SRA Ohio Class amp stands, ; Acoustics: Stillpoints Apertures; Audio cat: Finzi