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Top 40 August 1972

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  • Top 40 August 1972

    Remember that like it was yesterday.

    A re-release of "Layla" was joined in the Top 10 this week with one of the all-time great rebellious classic rock anthems
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    Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
    Remember that like it was yesterday.
    I was not even a teenager but I do remember most of these on the radio very clearly in my mind. The old tube clock radio was always playing on top of the refrigerator in our house.

    Otherwise it was on the Delco am radio in my dad's 1969 Chevelle SS with "Astro Ventilation" .. now that was a nice car.
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      my step father had a 1970 chevelle, my father had a 1971 cutlass supreme.

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    Unlike today's charts I liked many and owned every single one of the songs in this chart...
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      That was the year I graduated from college in May so this chart is 3 months later. Layla is one of my favorite albums. But, Wayne Newton? Mouth and McNeil? Gimme a break.
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